1. Mobile App is a good helper to increase sales
One of the main goals of any business is to keep growing and increase profits. The successful experience of market leaders such as Zara, Starbucks, and Domino’s Pizza proves that developing a Mobile App can help your company significantly increase sales.

  • Zara has succeeded in increasing sales by 60% through its Apps.
  • After launching its Mobile App, Rebecca Minkoff sold three times as many clothes as the company expected.
  • Domino’s Pizza’s online sales in the UK increased by 28% after the launch of the Mobile App.

2. Smart Phone smartphone is already part of life
Smartphones are more than just a gadget – it’s part of our lives. When the smartphone first appeared, the advantages of the Mobile App for small businesses were less obvious. Only 10% of customers have smartphones, while fewer active smartphone users. Today, about 60% of the world’s population owns smartphones (close to 100% in Europe and North America), and the number of active users has soared.

In addition, statistics show that adults spend about three and a half hours a day on Apps. If they also spend a little time on your apps, it seems quite reasonable?

Suggestion: If you already have an iOS app, you may want to develop one more Android app to cover more potential users. Conversely, if you already have an Android app, you might want to develop one more iOS app to reach more potential users and increase sales.

3. Re-targeting is a big advantage in developing Mobile App
Have you calculated how much profit you lost due to unfinished orders on the store? The Mobile App can encourage users to complete previously unfilled orders, make new orders or access your store. But how is it actually done?

  • By analyzing the user’s behavior patterns and reminding them to complete unfinished operations.
  • Use a Geo location service to invite users to your store when they are nearby.
  • By considering the user’s search and shopping history in your Apps, let them know about discounts and popular offers about the products they are interested in.
  • In addition to helping you understand each guest, you can also promote Customized.
  • In addition, Re-targeting is often considered a competitive advantage for Mobile App compared to websites.

4. Personalization brings a unique sense to customers
The company that provides Mobile App to its customers not only facilitates customers, but also establishes the relationship between the company and its customers through Personalization. By remembering the user:

  • Personal setting
  • Watch list
  • Shopping cart
  • Progress of the Reward Program

The customer’s feeling of your company is the most important. Therefore, Personalization enables customers to prefer your company. In addition, it significantly improves the customer experience.

5. Turn Mobile App into a powerful marketing tool
Different brands around the world spend millions of dollars in marketing campaigns to attract new customers. Small and medium-sized companies simply cannot afford such marketing expenses. But the emergence of the Mobile App has changed this situation. As we all know, people spend a lot of time on Social Media, which makes Mobile App one of the biggest benefits to the company:

  • Passive strategy: The sharing of social media allows your customers to share their experiences with your friends in your apps, stores or when buying your products.
  • Positive strategy: You can also encourage customers to talk about your company in a more positive way. For example, give them a good gift or discount in exchange for a comment or send a post.

6. Improve the user experience
In fact, the main value that Mobile App can offer to customers is to improve the user experience. Even the best Responsive Design Website can’t achieve the high performance that the Mobile App offers. In addition, even if you can’t get online, Mobile App generally works and works well. The Mobile App also provides the best experience for connecting the camera, location and photo library of the user’s smartphone.

7. Establish brand loyalty
Mobile App is also very helpful in building strong brands and bringing long-term customers. The Reward & Loyalty Program is a proven tool that allows users to interact with your apps and business. Here are some ideas that will help build customer loyalty:

  • For each action or purchase, users earn points so they can redeem discounts, gifts and other benefits later.
  • Coupons are a hot/special offer, such as “buy 2 get 1 free” or “buy one item, and the second item gets a 50% discount.”
  • You can also implement a discount level system. The logic of its operation is simple: the more users spend in your apps and stores, the higher the discount they get.

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