How much does an app cost to build?

How much does an app cost to build? June 17, 2021

How much does an app cost to build? This this one of the hottest questions been asked in the past few years. How much exactly it will cost to build an app in Malaysia? This article will give you a rough idea how we derive the development cost.


Generally, the cost of developing a mobile app in Malaysia market is starting from RM35,000 and above. There are many variations that could affect the cost of development. Such as type of mobile app (hybrid or native), functionalities, project management (Agile or Waterfall) and even choice of hosting environment.

Always Do Budgeting

Since the cost variation is huge, usually it is recommended to set a budget you would like to spend on your project so that the developer can estimate what kind of resources to be deployed on your project in order to make your project commercially feasible. This is an important step because majority of the mobile app project facing a challenge in funding. Whether is insufficient funding during development stage or lacking of fund to launch the mobile app with awareness campaign. Therefore, we strongly recommend mobile app investor to look into this issue before embark on a mobile app project as it has a heavy weight over the success rate of your mobile application. Discuss clearly and frankly with your mobile app developer on your budget so that they could make a perfect plan for you.

Cost Calculation Example

This is how we derive the cost of development for a mobile application project. A full scale project with iOS, Android and a web based management system, it requires minimum of 7 man power in a team.

Minimum of 1 iOS developer, 1 android developer, 1 web developer, 1 project manager, 1 business analyst, 1 UI/UX designer and 1 QA tester. Average salary of these expertise is around RM5,000

therefore a minimum running cost for the development is around RM35,000. If the project takes 4 months to complete, it will cost around RM160,000 inclusive administrative cost and profit margin. This figure is a rough estimation based on a medium size project. However, in some cases cost can be reduced as some resources is not fully occupied during the 4 months development timeframe. This cost estimation is assumed that we adopt native app development. Cost of developing a Hybrid app will be lower, similar project scope as above will cost around RM100k and above.


In this post, we discussed about how developer derive the cost of development for a mobile app project. We also discussed about different factors that could possibly affect the cost of development. If you planning to start a mobile app development project, you may need to consider these factors as it will affects the success rate and sustainability of your project.

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