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Do you want to dominate your market with the app? If yes, then we can help you. We have years of experience in offering iOS app development services worldwide. We have a skilled and certified team of marketers, quality analysts, strategists, developers and designers to ensure you meticulously crafted and tactically designed solutions. Our perfectly designed apps allow you dominate your market and maximize your ROI.

We have our unique way to do iPhone application development. We have a team of experienced iPhone app developers who use their creative approaches and creative minds to turn your dream app into reality. We use latest techniques and tools to make your iPhone app look trendy and stylish. We create highly responsive and effective apps.

One of the common tool we use for iOS app development in Malaysia is using SwiftUI. It was built on decades of experience in creating the most innovative and intuitive user interfaces in the world. Everything users love about Apple ecosystems, such as controls and platform-specific experiences, is beautiful presented in your code. SwiftUI is truly native, so your apps directly access the proven technologies of each platform with a small amount of code and an interactive design canvas.


Optimized and Fluid

Most android apps are slow. Not because they are badly designed by bad developers (that's true sometimes) but it's because Android itself is slow. iOS runs objective C which is basically a superset to C and thats a high level language that gets converted to machine code.

Security & Privacy

Most developers put unnecessary permissions for apps due to Android takes freedom to a whole new level. While you have apps that can interact and affect other apps you also have apps that are malware that can infect other apps as well. Besides it's quite easy to get iPhone apps into the App Store, Google doesn't even check for malware and the cost of membership is approx. $25 and membership lasts forever.

Frequent Update

The way Android and iOS are updated is very different. Google uses Play Services to handle many of the security and application compatibility parts of Android, and iOS updates don't include every feature for older models. But there is still no denying that updates are handled on iOS better than they are on Android.

Avoiding Common App Rejections

Crashes and Bugs

You should submit your iPhone app for review only when it is complete and ready to be published. Make sure to thoroughly test your ios app on devices running the latest software and fix all bugs before submitting.

Broken Links

All links in your app must be functional. A link to user support with up-to-date contact information and a link to your privacy policy is required for all apps.

Placeholder Content

Finalize all images and text in your app before sending it in for review. Apps that are still in progress and contain placeholder content are not ready to be distributed and cannot be approved.

Requesting Permission

When requesting permission to access user or usage data, you should clearly and completely describe how your app will use the data. Including an example can help users understand why your app is requesting access to their personal information.

Inaccurate Screenshots

App Store screenshots should accurately communicate your app’s value and functionality. Use text and overlay images to highlight your app’s user experience, not obscure it. Make sure app UI and product images match the corresponding device type in App Store Connect. This helps users understand your app and makes for a positive App Store experience.

Incomplete Information

Enter all of the details needed to review your ios app in the App Review Information section of App Store Connect. If some features require signing in, provide a valid demo account username and password. If there are special configurations to set, include the specifics. If features require an environment that is hard to replicate or require specific hardware, be prepared to provide a demo video or the hardware. Also, please make sure your contact information is complete and up-to-date.



We have custom APIs that enable the websites of our customer to connect real-time with vendors in order to estimate shipping rates, process payments, accept donations, import/export spreadsheet data, subscribe to a newsletter, display directions and maps and pass details to and from social media.


We offer Apple watch integration facility, which works as an ideal fitness tracker. It shows your progress and offers you motivation which you require to lead a healthy life.


Want to start a video conferencing? We are here to integrate the features with all advanced technical specifications ensuring the best audio/video live streaming. This aids you to carry out the business works confidently.


Tracking location is very important to manage the works without wasting much time. We understand this fact and thus come out with the GPS integration facility, which aids you to explore the real time benefits.


This particular application helps you to communicate with users depending on your location and other criteria. We help you to establish a wireless connection via Beacon exploring the real importance of technology.


XMPP is the most used communication protocol. We at Cagist integrate a chat served enabled with XMPP setting, which enables you to chat with your consumers easily. It’s an open standard platform and our expert incorporates all smarter options, which you need.


We are expert in Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration that is useful to monitor and analyze different mobile devices such as laptops, smart phones, tablets etc.


Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is a typical application which is used in health care, fitness and security industries to establish a wireless communication with users.

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